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  • Yangzhou shuangrun power equipment limited company is located in Yangzhoua famous historic and cultural city and UN Habitat Award city . Next to Shanghai, adjacent to Nanjing, the traffic here is very convenient. Also, the new Yangzhou and Taizhou airport is only 10 kilometers away from the company. Livable Yangzhou, a city with beautiful environment, its industry is also rapidly developing.
    Our company, founded in 2009 June, registered a trademark of ‘ shuangrun brand’ , is a high-tech enterprises with scientific research, design, production, repair, sales and system integration.
    The company has 3 departments:
    First. Brush machinery department, which is specializing in the automation of machine tool design, CNC machine tool transformation will apply advanced technology .The brush equipment, which fully absorbs the European advanced technology, successfully developed a fully automatic CNC drilling planting one machine, seven axis and five head drilling hair machine, seven axis and three head drilling hair machine, six axis and five boring hair machine, six axis and three head drilling hair machine, high speed flat wire machine sik hair (Dan Tou), the high speed flat wire hair machine (double), the high speed flat wire drill by integral machine and other products, the machine speed, high efficiency, electrical protection devices sensitive reaction is safe and reliable, the performance of servo .systemstable, computer touch screen operation, simple and applicable, the series products have been widely used inmetallurgy, textile, environmental protection, electronics, food processing and other many fields; our excellent processing equipment, advanced technology, detection means complete, perfect quality assurance system, the main core parts and components imported high-quality brand products from abroad are; at the same time can cooperate with customer R & D special brush equipment, to provide customers from the R & D, production, repair and trainingof a full range of services.
    Second. The rod part production, specializing in the production of road lamp pole, flagpole, high pole lamp,advertisement, communication tower rod rod, electric rods, wind power generation, large diameter steel bar. Product is used for road lighting, flagpole, railway, highway, communication, automobile, ship, tank, steel structure and steelstructure workshop and other fields.
    Third. Sheet metal production department, professional sales all kinds of specifications models of stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate and steel production, processing, installation. Large sheet metal processing, production and material production. Sheet metal bending can be a one-time 14 m long, 30 mm thickness. The sheet of disposable shear plate 6 m long, 20 mm thickness.
    Company tenet "than quality, than the service, more than the price". Warmly welcome new and old customers todiscuss cooperation.
    Add:No.18, Jinyi Road, Industrial park in the North of the city,Jiangdu,Yangzhou,Jiangsu province
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